Hole #1

Fairly short opening Par 4. Slight dogleg left with 2 bunkers guarding tee shots to either side of fairway.Second shot played to a small green protected by a bunker on the left side.

Hole #2

Medium length par 3 requires accurate tee shot to back to front sloping green. Large pond requires a carried tee shot to a green with bunkers right in front and to the left side. A ball placed behind the pin will result in a quick downhill putt.

Hole #3

Long par 5 straightaway. Pond on right side of fairway in play for wayward tee shots. A second pond located 50 yards short and left of the green is a hazard for going for the green in two or misplaced 3rd shots. Small green is relatively flat and easy to putt, but hard to access.

Hole #4

Medium length par 3 with trouble on all sides. Green slopes from right to left with fast pace. Bunker on right side, pond on left side can add to big numbers.Take your 3 and walk away!

Hole #5

A short dogleg right par 4. An accurate tee shot is required to avoid the fairway bunker on the right. Your second shot is played to a narrow green that slopes from front to back. Well-placed shots will result in a birdie opportunity.

Hole #6

This medium length slightly uphill par 3 requires and accurate tee shot to a small but relatively flat green. Proper club selection is a must.

Hole #7

Dogleg left par 4 requires accurate tee shot to avoid pond on left hand side of fairway.Large green slopes from front to back.Getting the ball in play off the tee is top priority.

Hole #8

Long double dogleg par 5. This par 5 usually playing into a prevailing wind doesnt offer much trouble off the tee except for out of bounds all along right side of hole. The second and third shots need accuracy as the fairway is lined on both sides with apple trees. Undulating green becomes difficult depending on pin placement.

Hole #9

The home hole on the front nine is a dogleg left with trees lining the right and left side.Narrow fairway puts emphasis on accuracy. The second shot is played to a large two-tiered green with a bunker front right and left side. A second shot on the green will warrant a birdie opportunity.


Hole #10

A long dogleg right par 4. Premium on 2 well placed shots. Large flat green awaits second shot. Par 5 for ladies on the scorecard.

Hole #11

Our Signature Hole!! This par 3 plays into prevailing wind. Pond encompasses front and left portion of the green. Bunkers guard right and rear of green. Once on the green a deft touch is required. Green slopes from back to front and is quick on downhill putts. Enjoy!

Hole #12

Solid par 5.Tee shot enters landing area flanked by a pond on the left and right. The second shot can either be laid up in front of a blind creek 80 yards short of the green or go for it with 2 big hits. Small greens surrounded by undulation makes for difficult up and downs.

Hole #13

Medium length par 4 requires a well-struck tee shot to land in flat portion of fairway.Second shot to a large green. A pond 50 yards short of the green to the right should not come into play.

Hole #14

Dog leg right par 4 requires 2 accurate shots to get to very sloped green. Tee shot must be played down the left center of fairway.Tee shot hit further than the 150-yard marker will result in a downhill lie second shot.

Hole #15

Long par 4 to sloping fairway. Tee shot must avoid large pond that encompasses front right portion of fairway.Uphill 2nd shot to a small green. This hole does not yield many birdies.

Hole #16

Long par 3 to a large, relatively flat green with a pond to the right of the fairway. Tee shot must be hit well to get there.

Hole #17

Very good par 5. Dogleg left with a pond right and a pond left of landing area. Cedar trees at left side of dogleg make it a challenge to cut the corner. Around the corner it is straightaway to a medium sized green protected by a bunker on the left side.

Hole #18

Accuracy a must! Tee shot must be placed to middle of fairway to have a 2nd shot through a clearing of trees left and right. Right side of green slopes away from center. Judging your yardage will result in a birdie opportunity.

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